Our pledge to you:

Chocolate should ignite your senses and become an experience for you to remember - it certainly is for us - from sourcing our ingredients to the designs gracing the tops of each individual treat. Each piece of chocolate is designed to melt in your mouth.

However, what you may not realise when you unwrap your chocolate is the journey that House of Dorchester takes around the country, and indeed the globe,to find all the ingredients necessary to create a melt-in-the-mouth experience for you...

Did you know for example that although to find the best English Black Mitcham peppermint we only go up the road to Hampshire, we rely on the good people of Seville to supply the plumpest oranges, that growers in Sicily produce our pistachios, Colombian rain powers the finest coffee beans and our essential cocoa beans are grown in the warm climes of West Africa?

Wherever in the world we source our ingredients we have the people who work with us in mind.We even have a commitment statement which we gladly share with you.

"We make sure that everybody involved in producing our products is treated fairly, we are committed to sustainability and we passionately believe in doing the right thing to look after the environment. We also promise to deliver our values of heritage, quality and service which enable us to share with you and chocolate lovers around the world our love of chocolate through the products we create in the heart of Dorset".

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